Next post meeting is a 7 pm on 14th of JUNE.
Bingo on Sunday and Tuesday nights a 7 PM Doors open at 5 for snack bar and pull tabs sold at this time.
Paper pull tab and Electronic pull tabs are sold daily in Canteen come out and support your Post and Auxiliary in its many endeavors. Asking all our members to get a copy of your email to quartermaster as we are trying better in communicating with its post members. By way of electronic email.
Major Veteran Groups Say Time for Toxic Exposure Legislation is Now: The leaders of the VFW, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), and Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) have written an op-ed calling for comprehensive toxic exposure legislation. There are currently multiple bills that address the issue of toxic exposure, and the VFW's recommendation is to combine all these bills into a large comprehensive package. "The time to pass toxic exposure legislation is now," said Hal Roesch, VFW national commander. "Veterans have waited long enough for our elected officials to act on their behalf. If Congress waits until the next conflict to address this issue, they are already too late." Read the oped
<>and watch the upcoming Senate hearing
VFW Testifies Before Senate on Toxic Exposure: On Wednesday, the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs held a hearing on pending legislation. VFW National Legislative Service Director Patrick Murray testified on the VFW's top legislative priority of toxic exposure. Murray stressed the importance of combining the best pieces of each bill to cover as many veterans as possible. "Since we seem to expose nearly 100% of our troops to hazardous substances and environments, it is entirely unreasonable that almost 75% of them have their claims denied for exposure. It is time we establish a new framework to take care of veterans who were exposed to hazards both foreign and domestic, now and in the future," said Murray. Watch the hearing<>,which starts at the 18:27 mark or read the testimony
Restaurant Revitalization Fund to Prioritize Veterans: The Restaurant Revitalization Fund was created by the American Rescue Plan which was signed into law in March by President Biden. The Fund will provide $28.6 billion in direct relief funds through the Small Business Administration (SBA), to restaurants and other food establishments financially impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic. SBA will prioritize veteran applications for the first 21 days after applications open on Monday, May 3, 2021, at noon EDT. Learn more
The VFW Podcast Hits Airwaves Oct. 7: In an effort to provide our veterans, service members, and military families with current information on key veteran legislation, educational and financial assistance programs, national veterans services, critical initiatives from the VFW national commander-in-chief, and much more, the VFW is turning to the podcast world. We will chat with congressional leadership, Department of Veterans Affairs executives, Department of Defense senior officials, VFW leaders, and everyday veterans from around the globe about issues that matter most to you. Stay tuned as we prepare to launch the VFW Podcast the first Wednesday of October, November, and December. In 2021, the podcast will air two episodes each month, every first and third Wednesday.
Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program Open Now: Veterans who are unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic now have the opportunity for education or training for high-demand jobs with the Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program (VRRAP). Veterans can use VRAPP for assistance with programs approved under the GI Bill and Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses to include associate degrees, non-college degrees, and certificate programs. If eligible, veterans can receive up to 12 months of tuition and fees, and a monthly housing allowance based on Post-9/11 GI Bill rates. VRRAP will stop making payments on Dec. 11, 2022, or when the funding limit or the participant limit is reached. Learn more
Legislation Introduced to Help Veterans Request VA File: On Wednesday, Reps. T.J. Cox (D-CA) and Chip Roy (R-TX) introduced VFW-supported H.R. 7926, to allow for the electronic request of certain records. This legislation would require VA to permit veterans to request copies of their entire disability claims file online. These files contain comprehensive information regarding the evidence a veteran submitted in support of a claim, information VA obtained from third parties, and a record of requests for higher-level review and supplemental claims.

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